Adjectives that start with n

A list of adjectives that start with N can be found below. These examples of adjectives may be especially helpful for those in school or in college perhaps taking online classes toward a degree, or in another program looking for adjectives starting with n, and n adjectives. The adjective lists on this site might also benefit people who enjoy learning about language and words, or who spend time writing reports or articles.

NA: naive, naked, nameless, napoleonic, nappy, narcotic, narrative, narrow, narrower, nasal, nascent, nastier, nastiest, nasty, natal, national, nationalist, nationalistic, nationwide, native, natty, natural, naturalistic, naughtier, naughty, nauseating, nautical, naval, navigable, navy.

NE: neapolitan, near, nearby, nearer, nearest, nearsighted, neat, neatest, nebular, nebulous, necessary, necromantic, necrotic, nectareous, needless, needy, negative, negligent, negligible, negroid, neighborly, neighbouring, neoliberal, neonatal, nerveless, nervous, net, nettlesome, neural, neurological, neuromuscular, neuronal, neuropsychiatric, neurotic, neuter, neutral, neutralist, new, newborn, newer, newest, newfound, newly, newtonian, next.

NI: nice, nicer, nicest, nifty, nighted, nightmarish, nighttime, nihilistic, nilpotent, nimble, nimbler, nine, nippy.

NO: noble, nobler, noblest, nociceptive, nocturnal, nodular, noiseless, noisier, noisy, nominal, non, nonacid, nonagricultural, nonchalant, nonchurchgoing, noncombatant, noncommissioned, noncommittal, nondescript, nondiscriminatory, nondrying, nonequivalent, nonexistent, nonfunctional, nonionic, nonlinguistic, nonliterary, nonmagical, nonmetallic, nonmusical, nonmythological, nonobservant, nonparticulate, nonpartisan, nonpoisonous, nonpolitical, nonprofit, nonracial, nonresident, nonresidential, nonsegregated, nonsensical, nonsingular, nonspecific, nonstop, nonsystematic, nonverbal, nonviolent, nonwhite, normal, normative, northeast, northeastern, northerly, northern, northernmost, northwest, northwestern, norwegian, nostalgic, nosy, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, notorious, novel, noxious.

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NU: nubile, nuclear, nucleic, nude, null, numb, numberless, numenous, numerical, numerological, numerous, numinous, nursing, nutrient, nutritional, nutritious, nutritive, nuts, nutty.

By number of letters


3: net, new, non

4: navy, near, neat, next, nice, nine, nosy, nude, null, numb, nuts

5: naive, naked, nappy, nasal, nasty, natal, natty, naval, needy, newer, newly, nicer, nifty, nippy, noble, noisy, novel, nutty

6: narrow, native, nearby, nearer, neural, neuter, newest, nicest, nimble, nobler, normal, nubile

7: nascent, nastier, natural, naughty, nearest, neatest, nebular, negroid, nervous, neutral, newborn, nighted, nimbler, noblest, nodular, noisier, nominal, nonacid, nonstop, notable, noxious, nuclear, nucleic, nursing

8: nameless, narcotic, narrower, nastiest, national, nautical, nebulous, necrotic, needless, negative, neonatal, neuronal, neurotic, newfound, nonionic, nonwhite, northern, numenous, numerous, numinous, nutrient

9: narrative, naughtier, navigable, necessary, negligent, nerveless, newtonian, nighttime, nilpotent, nocturnal, noiseless, nondrying, nonprofit, nonracial, nonverbal, normative, northeast, northerly, northwest, norwegian, nostalgic, notorious, numerical, nutritive

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10: napoleonic, nationwide, nauseating, neapolitan, nectareous, negligible, neighborly, neoliberal, nettlesome, neutralist, nihilistic, nonchalant, nonmagical, nonmusical, nonviolent, noteworthy, noticeable, numberless, nutritious

11: nationalist, nearsighted, necromantic, nightmarish, nociceptive, nondescript, nonexistent, nonliterary, nonmetallic, nonpartisan, nonresident, nonsensical, nonsingular, nonspecific, nutritional

12: naturalistic, neighbouring, neurological, noncombatant, noncommittal, nonobservant, nonpoisonous, nonpolitical, northeastern, northernmost, northwestern

13: nationalistic, neuromuscular, nonequivalent, nonfunctional, nonlinguistic, nonsegregated, nonsystematic, numerological

14: nonchurchgoing, nonparticulate, nonresidential

15: nonagricultural, noncommissioned, nonmythological

16: neuropsychiatric

17: nondiscriminatory




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