Adjectives that start with f

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FA: fabled, fabulous, facaded, faceless, facial, facile, facilitatory, factual, faded, faier, faint, faintest, fair, fairest, faithful, fake, fallacious, fallible, fallow, false, famed, familar, familial, familiar, familistical, famous, fanatical, fancier, fanciful, fancy, fantastic, far, farfetched, farthest, fascinated, fascinating, fascist, fashionable, fast, faster, fastest, fastidious, fat, fatal, fateful, fatherly, fatter, fatty, fatuous, faulknerian, faultless, faulty, faustian, favorable, favorite, favourable, favourite.

FE: fearful, fearless, fearsome, feasible, feathery, featureless, febrile, fecund, federal, feeble, feigned, felicitous, feline, fell, fellow, felonious, female, feminine, feminist, ferocious, ferromagnetic, fertile, fervent, festive, fetching, fetid, feudal, feudalistic, fevered, feverish, few, fewer.

FI: fibrocalcific, fibrous, fickle, fictional, fictitious, fictive, fiendish, fierce, fiercest, fiery, figural, figurative, filial, filigreed, filipino, filmy, filthy, final, financial, fine, finer, finest, finicky, finite, finnish, firm, firmer, first, fiscal, fit, fitful, fittest, fitting, five, fixed.

FL: flagrant, flaky, flamboyant, flammable, flashy, flat, flattest, flawless, flaxen, fleet, fleetest, fleeting, flemish, fleshy, flexible, flexural, flimsy, flintless, flippant, flirtatious, floppy, floral, florentine, florid, flowery, fluent, fluffy, fluid, fluorescent, flush, fluttering, flyaway, flying.

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FO: foamy, focal, foggy, folklike, folksy, follicular, following, fond, fonder, fool, foolhardy, foolish, foolproof, foppish, forceful, fore, foregoing, foreign, foreknown, foremost, forensic, foreseeable, foreseen, forgetful, forgitful, forgiving, forlorn, formal, formative, formidable, formosan, formulaic, forthcoming, forthright, fortunate, forward, foster, fosterite, foul, foulest, four.

FR: fractional, fractious, fragile, fragmentary, fragrant, frail, frailest, franciscan, frank, franker, frankest, frantic, freakish, free, freehand, freer, freest, freezing, french, frenetic, frenzied, frequent, fresh, freshborn, fretful, freudian, friable, frictional, friendlier, friendly, frightened, frightening, frightful, frigid, frilly, frivolous, front, frontal, frosty, frothier, frothy, frowzy, frozen, fruitful, fruitless, frustrating.

FU: fugitive, fugual, full, fuller, fullest, fumbling, fun, functional, fundamental, fundamentalist, funeral, fungal, funnier, funniest, funny, furious, furiouser, furry, further, furtive, fusiform, fussy, fusty, futile, future, futuristic, fuzzed, fuzzy.

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3: far, fat, few, fit, fun

4: fair, fake, fast, fell, fine, firm, five, flat, fond, fool, fore, foul, four, free, full

5: faded, faier, faint, false, famed, fancy, fatal, fatty, fetid, fewer, fiery, filmy, final, finer, first, fixed, flaky, fleet, fluid, flush, foamy, focal, foggy, frail, frank, freer, fresh, front, funny, furry, fussy, fusty, fuzzy

6: fabled, facial, facile, fallow, famous, faster, fatter, faulty, fecund, feeble, feline, fellow, female, feudal, fickle, fierce, filial, filthy, finest, finite, firmer, fiscal, fitful, flashy, flaxen, fleshy, flimsy, floppy, floral, florid, fluent, fluffy, flying, folksy, fonder, formal, foster, freest, french, frigid, frilly, frosty, frothy, frowzy, frozen, fugual, fuller, fungal, futile, future, fuzzed

7: facaded, factual, fairest, familar, fancier, fascist, fastest, fateful, fatuous, fearful, febrile, federal, feigned, fertile, fervent, festive, fevered, fibrous, fictive, figural, finicky, finnish, fittest, fitting, flemish, flowery, flyaway, foolish, foppish, foreign, forlorn, forward, foulest, fragile, franker, frantic, fretful, friable, frontal, fucking, fullest, funeral, funnier, furious, further, furtive

8: fabulous, faceless, faintest, faithful, fallible, familial, familiar, fanciful, farthest, fatherly, faustian, favorite, fearless, fearsome, feasible, feathery, feminine, feminist, fetching, feverish, fiendish, fiercest, filipino, flagrant, flattest, flawless, fleetest, fleeting, flexible, flexural, flippant, folklike, forceful, foremost, forensic, foreseen, formosan, fragrant, frailest, frankest, freakish, freehand, freezing, frenetic, frenzied, frequent, freudian, friendly, frothier, fruitful, fugitive, fumbling, funniest, fusiform

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9: fanatical, fantastic, faultless, favorable, favourite, felonious, ferocious, fictional, filigreed, financial, flammable, flintless, following, foolhardy, foolproof, foregoing, foreknown, forgetful, forgitful, forgiving, formative, formulaic, fortunate, fosterite, fractious, freshborn, frightful, frivolous, fruitless, furiouser

10: fallacious, farfetched, fascinated, fastidious, favourable, felicitous, fictitious, figurative, flamboyant, florentine, fluttering, follicular, formidable, forthright, fractional, franciscan, frictional, friendlier, frightened, functional, futuristic

11: fascinating, fashionable, faulknerian, featureless, feudalistic, flirtatious, fluorescent, foreseeable, forthcoming, fragmentary, frightening, frustrating, fundamental

12: facilitatory, familistical

13: ferromagnetic, fibrocalcific

14: fundamentalist







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