Adjectives that start with h

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HA: habitable, habitual, hable, hackneyed, haggard, hairier, hairless, hairy, haitian, halcyon, half, halfhearted, halfway, hallowed, halting, hamiltonian, hammerless, handicapped, handier, handiest, handless, handmade, handsome, handsomely, handsomer, handsomest, handy, hanging, hanoverian, haphazard, hapless, happier, happiest, happy, hard, hardboiled, harder, hardest, hardworking, hardy, harmful, harmless, harmonic, harmonious, harpy, harrowing, harsh, harsher, hasty, hateful, hatless, hatted, haughty, haunting, hawaiian, hazardous, hazy.

HE: head, headless, heady, healthful, healthier, healthiest, healthy, heartbreaking, heartening, heartfelt, heartiest, heartless, hearty, heathen, heathenish, heavenly, heavenward, heavier, heaviest, heavy, hebephrenic, hebraic, hebrew, hectic, hedonistic, heedless, hefty, hegelian, heliocentric, hellenic, hellish, helluva, helpful, helpless, hemispherical, hemolytic, herculean, hereditary, heretic, hermetic, heroic, hesitant, hessian, heterogamous, heterogeneous, heterozygous, hexagonal.

HI: hidden, hideous, high, higher, highest, highfalutin, hilar, hilarious, hind, hindmost, hip, hissing, histochemical, historic, historical, hitless.

HO: hoarse, holistic, hollow, holy, homebound, homebuilding, homeless, homely, homemade, homeric, homesick, homicidal, homogeneous, homozygous, hon, honest, honorable, honorary, hopeful, hopeless, hopkinsian, horizontal, horned, horrible, horrid, horrifying, horselike, hospitable, hostile, hot, hotter, hottest, hourly, hoydenish.

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HU: huge, hulking, human, humane, humanist, humanistic, humanitarian, humble, humdrum, humid, humiliating, humorous, hungarian, hungrier, hungry, hunkerish, hurried, hurt, hushed, husky.

HY: hydraulic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, hydrostatic, hydrous, hyperbolic, hyperemic, hyperfine, hypnotic, hypoactive, hypocritical, hypodermic, hypophyseal, hypothalamic, hypothetical, hysterical.

By number of letters


3: hip, hon, hot

4: half, hard, hazy, head, high, hind, holy, huge, hurt

5: hable, hairy, handy, happy, hardy, harpy, harsh, hasty, heady, heavy, hefty, hilar, human, humid, husky

6: harder, hatted, hearty, hebrew, hectic, heroic, hidden, higher, hoarse, hollow, homely, honest, horned, horrid, hotter, hourly, humane, humble, hungry, hushed

7: haggard, hairier, haitian, halcyon, halfway, halting, handier, hanging, hapless, happier, hardest, harmful, harsher, hateful, hatless, haughty, healthy, heathen, heavier, hebraic, hellish, helluva, helpful, heretic, hessian, hideous, highest, hissing, hitless, homeric, hopeful, hostile, hottest, hulking, humdrum, hurried, hydrous

8: habitual, hairless, hallowed, handiest, handless, handmade, handsome, happiest, harmless, harmonic, haunting, hawaiian, headless, heavenly, heaviest, heedless, hegelian, hellenic, helpless, hermetic, hesitant, hindmost, historic, holistic, homeless, homemade, homesick, honorary, hopeless, horrible, humanist, humorous, hungrier, hypnotic

9: habitable, hackneyed, handsomer, haphazard, harrowing, hazardous, healthful, healthier, heartfelt, heartiest, heartless, hemolytic, herculean, hexagonal, hilarious, homebound, homicidal, honorable, horselike, hoydenish, hungarian, hunkerish, hydraulic, hyperemic, hyperfine

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10: hammerless, handsomely, handsomest, hanoverian, hardboiled, harmonious, healthiest, heartening, heathenish, heavenward, hedonistic, hereditary, historical, homozygous, hopkinsian, horizontal, horrifying, hospitable, humanistic, hyperbolic, hypoactive, hypodermic, hysterical

11: halfhearted, hamiltonian, handicapped, hardworking, hebephrenic, highfalutin, homogeneous, humiliating, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, hydrostatic, hypophyseal

12: heliocentric, heterogamous, heterozygous, homebuilding, humanitarian, hypocritical, hypothalamic, hypothetical

13: heartbreaking, hemispherical, heterogeneous, histochemical








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