Adjectives that start with v

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VA: vacant, vacuous, vagabond, vaginal, vagrant, vague, vaguest, vain, valiant, valid, valuable, valueless, variable, varian, varicolored, varied, various, varitinted, varying, vascular, vast, vaster.

VE: vehement, vehicular, velvety, venerable, venereal, venetian, venezuelan, vengeful, venomous, venturesome, veracious, verbal, verdant, veridical, veritable, vernacular, vernal, versatile, versed, vertebral, vertical, very, vesicular, veteran, veterinary, vexatious.

VI: viable, vibrant, vibrionic, vicarious, vicelike, vicious, victorian, victorious, viennese, vietnamese, viewless, vigilant, vigorous, vile, villainous, vindictive, violent, violet, virgin, virile, virtual, virtuous, virulent, visceral, viscoelastic, viscous, viselike, visible, visiting, visual, vital, vitriolic, vivacious, vivid.

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VO: vocal, vocalic, vocational, vociferous, voiceless, void, volatile, volcanic, voltaic, voluble, volumetric, voluminous, voluntary, voluptuous, voracious, votive.

VU: vulgar, vulnerable, vulpine.

By number of letters



4: vain, vast, very, vile, void

5: vague, valid, vital, vivid, vocal

6: vacant, varian, varied, vaster, verbal, vernal, versed, viable, violet, virgin, virile, visual, votive, vulgar

7: vacuous, vaginal, vagrant, vaguest, valiant, various, varying, velvety, verdant, veteran, vibrant, vicious, violent, virtual, viscous, visible, vocalic, voltaic, voluble, vulpine

8: vagabond, valuable, variable, vascular, vehement, venereal, venetian, vengeful, venomous, vertical, vicelike, viennese, viewless, vigilant, vigorous, virtuous, virulent, visceral, viselike, visiting, volatile, volcanic

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9: valueless, vehicular, venerable, veracious, veridical, veritable, versatile, vertebral, vesicular, vexatious, vibrionic, vicarious, victorian, vitriolic, vivacious, voiceless, voluntary, voracious

10: varitinted, venezuelan, vernacular, veterinary, victorious, vietnamese, villainous, vindictive, vocational, vociferous, volumetric, voluminous, voluptuous, vulnerable

11: varicolored, venturesome

12: viscoelastic









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