Adjectives that start with w

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WA: wacky, waggish, wainscoted, waiting, wakeful, waldensian, wan, wandering, wanting, wanton, warless, warlike, warm, warmer, warmhearted, warmish, warmongering, wartorn, warty, wary, waspish, wasteful, watchful, waterproof, watery, wavy, waxen, waxy, wayward.

WE: weak, weaker, weakest, wealthiest, wealthy, wearisome, weary, weatherbeaten, weatherproof, wee, weekly, weighty, weird, welcome, well, wellknown, welsh, west, westerly, western, wet.

WH: whimsical, whiskered, whispering, white, whitehaired, whole, wholesale, wholesome, whopping.

WI: wicked, wide, wider, widespread, widest, widthwise, wifely, wiggly, wild, wildest, willful, willing, willinge, willowy, wilsonian, wily, windless, windowless, windy, wine, winless, winsome, wintry, wiry, wise, wiser, wisest, wishful, wispy, wistful, witty.

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WO: wobbly, woebegone, woeful, womanly, wonder, wonderful, wondrous, wont, wooded, wooden, woolen, woolly, woozy, wordy, workable, working, workmanlike, worldly, worldwide, wormy, wornout, worried, worrisome, worrying, worse, worshipful, worst, worth, worthiest, worthless, worthwhile, worthy, wouldbe.

WR: wrathful, wretched, written, wrong, wrongful, wry.

WU: wus.

By number of letters


3: wan, wee, wet, wry, wus

4: warm, wary, wavy, waxy, weak, well, west, wide, wild, wily, wine, wiry, wise, wont

5: wacky, warty, waxen, weary, weird, welsh, white, whole, wider, windy, wiser, wispy, witty, woozy, wordy, wormy, worse, worst, worth, wrong

6: wanton, warmer, watery, weaker, weekly, wicked, widest, wifely, wiggly, wintry, wisest, wobbly, woeful, wonder, wooded, wooden, woolen, woolly, worthy

7: waggish, waiting, wakeful, wanting, warless, warlike, warmish, wartorn, waspish, wayward, weakest, wealthy, weighty, welcome, western, wildest, willful, willing, willowy, winless, winsome, wishful, wistful, womanly, working, worldly, wornout, worried, wouldbe, written

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8: wasteful, watchful, westerly, whopping, willinge, windless, wondrous, workable, worrying, wrathful, wretched, wrongful

9: wandering, wearisome, wellknown, whimsical, whiskered, wholesale, wholesome, widthwise, wilsonian, woebegone, wonderful, worldwide, worrisome, worthiest, worthless

10: wainscoted, waldensian, waterproof, wealthiest, whispering, widespread, windowless, worshipful, worthwhile

11: warmhearted, whitehaired, workmanlike

12: warmongering, weatherproof

13: weatherbeaten








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