Adjectives that start with o

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OA: oafish, oaken.

OB: obedient, obeisant, obese, objectionable, objective, obligational, obliged, oblique, oblivious, oblong, obnoxious, obscene, obscure, obsequious, observable, observant, observational, obsessive, obsolescent, obsolete, obstinate, obtainable, obvious.

OC: occasional, occidental, occipital, occlusive, occupational, oceanic, oceanographic, octagonal, ocular.

OD: odd, odious.

OE: oedipal.

OF: offbeat, offensive, offhand, official, officious, offshore.

OH: ohmic.

OI: oily.

OK: ok, okay.

OL: ol, old, olde, olden, older, oldest, ole, oleophilic, oleophobic, olive, olivefaced, olympian, olympic.

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OM: ominous, omniscient.

ON: oncoming, one, oneasy, onerous, onetime, only, onrushing, ontological.

OP: opalescent, opaque, open, operable, operatic, operational, operative, opinionated, opportune, opportunistic, opposite, oppressive, optical, optimal, optimistic, optimum, optional, opulent.

OR: oral, oratorical, orbital, orchestral, orderly, ordinary, organic, organisational, organismic, organizational, orgiastic, oriental, original, ornate, ornery, orney, ornraier, orphic, orthodontic, orthodox, orthographic, orthopedic, orthorhombic, orwellian.

OS: osmotic, osseous, ossified, ostensible, ostentatious.

OT: other, otherworldly.

OU: outback, outboard, outdoor, outer, outgoing, outlandish, outlying, outmoded, outraged, outrageous, outright, outside, outsized, outspoken, outstanding, outstate, outward, outworn.

OV: oval, over, overactive, overage, overaggressive, overall, overbearing, overblown, overcerebral, overconfident, overcurious, overdue, overeager, overgenerous, overhand, overhead, overjoyed, overloud, overnight, overprotective, overrated, overseas, oversize, oversized, oversoft, overt, overvaulting, overweight, overwhelming, overwrought, oviform.

OW: own, owne.

OX: oxaloacetic.

By number of letters

2: ok, ol

3: odd, old, ole, one, own

4: oily, okay, olde, only, open, oral, oval, over, owne

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5: oaken, obese, ohmic, olden, older, olive, orney, other, outer, overt

6: oafish, oblong, ocular, odious, oldest, oneasy, opaque, ornate, ornery, orphic

7: obliged, oblique, obscene, obscure, obvious, oceanic, oedipal, offbeat, offhand, olympic, ominous, onerous, onetime, optical, optimal, optimum, opulent, orbital, orderly, organic, osmotic, osseous, outback, outdoor, outside, outward, outworn, overage, overall, overdue, oviform

8: obedient, obeisant, obsolete, official, offshore, olympian, oncoming, operable, operatic, opposite, optional, ordinary, oriental, original, ornraier, orthodox, ossified, outboard, outgoing, outlying, outmoded, outraged, outright, outsized, outstate, overhand, overhead, overloud, overseas, oversize, oversoft

9: objective, oblivious, obnoxious, observant, obsessive, obstinate, occipital, occlusive, octagonal, offensive, officious, onrushing, operative, opportune, orgiastic, orwellian, outspoken, overblown, overeager, overjoyed, overnight, overrated, oversized

10: obsequious, observable, obtainable, occasional, occidental, oleophilic, oleophobic, olivefaced, omniscient, opalescent, oppressive, optimistic, oratorical, orchestral, organismic, orthopedic, ostensible, outlandish, outrageous, overactive, overweight

11: obsolescent, ontological, operational, opinionated, orthodontic, outstanding, overbearing, overcurious, overwrought, oxaloacetic

12: obligational, occupational, orthographic, orthorhombic, ostentatious, otherworldly, overcerebral, overgenerous, overvaulting, overwhelming

13: objectionable, observational, oceanographic, opportunistic, overconfident

14: organisational, organizational, overaggressive, overprotective







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