Adjectives that start with r

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RA: rabid, racial, rackety, racy, radial, radiant, radical, radioactive, radionic, raffish, raftered, ragged, rainless, rainy, rakish, rambunctious, rampant, rancorous, random, rangy, rank, rankest, rapid, rapt, rare, rarer, rash, raspberry, raspy, ratable, rateable, rational, rationalist, rationalistic, ratty, raucous, ravenous, raw, rawboned.

RE: reactionary, readable, ready, real, realer, realest, realistic, rear, reasonable, reassuring, rebel, rebellious, recalcitrant, recent, receptive, recipient, reciprocal, reckless, recognizable, recoilless, recondite, recoverable, recovery, recreational, rectangular, rectilinear, recumbent, recurrent, recursive, red, redder, reddish, redemptive, redheaded, reduced, redundant, reedy, reflective, refractive, refractory, refreshing, regal, regional, registered, regrettable, regular, regulative, regulatory, reimburseable, related, relational, relative, relativistic, relaxed, relentless, relevant, reliable, relieved, religious, reluctant, remaining, remarkable, remedial, reminiscent, remorseful, remorseless, remote, remoter, remotest, removable, remunerative, renal, renewable, renewed, renowned, rental, repayable, repentant, repetitious, repetitive, replete, reportorial, reprehensible, representative, repressive, reproducible, reproductive, republican, repugnant, repulsive, reputable, required, researchable, resentful, resident, residential, residual, resinlike, resiny, resistant, resistive, resolute, resonable, resonant, resounding, resourceful, respectable, respectful, respective, respiratory, resplendent, responsible, responsive, restful, restive, restless, restorative, restricting, restrictive, resultant, resulting, resurgent, retail, retaliatory, retentive, reticulate, retinal, retired, retrograde, retrogressive, return, revealing, revelatory, reverent, reverse, reversible, revolting, revolutionary, rewarding.

RH: rhenish, rhetorical, rheumatic, rhythmic, rhythmical.

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RI: ribald, ribonucleic, rich, richer, richest, rickety, rid, ridiculous, right, righteous, rightful, rigid, rigorous, rimless, riotous, ripe, rising, risky, ritual, ritzy, rival.

RO: roaringest, roasted, robust, rockbound, rocklike, rockstrewn, rocky, rococo, rolling, roman, romantic, romantick, roomy, rooseveltian, rootless, rose, rosy, rotary, rotten, rotund, rough, rougher, roughest, roughish, roughshod, round, roundabout, rousing, rousseauan, routine, rowdy, royal.

RU: rubber, rubbery, rubicund, rudderless, ruddy, rude, rudimentary, rugged, ruinous, ruling, rumanian, runaway, rundown, running, rural, russet, russian, rustic, rustproof, rusty, ruthless.

By number of letters


3: raw, red, rid

4: racy, rank, rapt, rare, rash, real, rear, rich, ripe, rose, rosy, rude

5: rabid, rainy, rangy, rapid, rarer, raspy, ratty, ready, rebel, reedy, regal, renal, right, rigid, risky, ritzy, rival, rocky, roman, roomy, rough, round, rowdy, royal, ruddy, rural, rusty

6: racial, radial, ragged, rakish, random, realer, recent, redder, remote, rental, resiny, retail, return, ribald, richer, rising, ritual, robust, rococo, rotary, rotten, rotund, rubber, rugged, ruling, russet, rustic

7: rackety, radiant, radical, raffish, rampant, rankest, ratable, raucous, realest, reddish, reduced, regular, related, relaxed, remoter, renewed, replete, restful, restive, retinal, retired, reverse, rhenish, richest, rickety, rimless, riotous, roasted, rolling, rougher, rousing, routine, rubbery, ruinous, runaway, rundown, running, russian

8: radionic, raftered, rainless, rateable, rational, ravenous, rawboned, readable, reckless, recovery, regional, relative, relevant, reliable, relieved, remedial, remotest, renowned, required, resident, residual, resolute, resonant, restless, reverent, rhythmic, rightful, rigorous, rocklike, romantic, rootless, roughest, roughish, rubicund, rumanian, ruthless

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9: rancorous, raspberry, realistic, receptive, recipient, recondite, recumbent, recurrent, recursive, redheaded, redundant, religious, reluctant, remaining, removable, renewable, repayable, repentant, repugnant, repulsive, reputable, resentful, resinlike, resistant, resistive, resonable, resultant, resulting, resurgent, retentive, revealing, revolting, rewarding, rheumatic, righteous, rockbound, romantick, roughshod, rustproof

10: reasonable, reassuring, rebellious, reciprocal, recoilless, redemptive, reflective, refractive, refractory, refreshing, registered, regulative, regulatory, relational, relentless, remarkable, remorseful, repetitive, repressive, republican, resounding, respectful, respective, responsive, reticulate, retrograde, revelatory, reversible, rhetorical, rhythmical, ridiculous, roaringest, rockstrewn, roundabout, rousseauan, rudderless

11: radioactive, rationalist, reactionary, recoverable, rectangular, rectilinear, regrettable, reminiscent, remorseless, repetitious, reportorial, residential, resourceful, respectable, respiratory, resplendent, responsible, restorative, restricting, restrictive, retaliatory, ribonucleic, rudimentary

12: rambunctious, recalcitrant, recognizable, recreational, relativistic, remunerative, reproducible, reproductive, researchable, rooseveltian

13: rationalistic, reimburseable, reprehensible, retrogressive, revolutionary

14: representative







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