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Give your writing a boost with this extensive list of B adjectives. Easy and quick to use, here you’ll find many words to describe people, places, and things. Adjectives are used to modify nouns or pronouns, and our list of adjectives that start with B can be extended by visitors via the active comments section.

BA: babylonian, back, backward, backwater, backwoods, bacterial, bad, baffling, baggy, bake, balanced, bald, balding, baleful, ballistic, balmy, banal, baneful, bangish, bankrupt, bantu, baptismal, barbaric, barbarous, barbed, bare, barefoot, barefooted, barest, barometric, baronial, baroque, barren, base, baseless, baser, bashful, basic, basophilic, bass, bathyran, bawdy.

BE: beady, bearded, beardless, beardown, bearish, beat, beatific, beauteous, beautiful, bedfast, bedraggled, bedridden, beefy, beetling, befitting, beguiling, behavioral, beige, belated, belgian, believable, belligerent, beloved, belowground, benedictine, beneficial, beneficient, benevolent, bengali, benighted, benign, bent, bereft, beribboned, berserk, bespectacled, best, bestial, bestselling, bestubbled, better, bewhiskered, bewildered.

BI: biblical, bibliographical, bicameral, biconcave, biennial, bifocal, big, biggest, bigoted, bilateral, bilinear, bilingual, billowy, bimolecular, bimonthly, binding, binomial, binuclear, biochemical, biographical, biologic, biological, biophysical, bipartisan, biracial, birdlike, bitter, bitterest, bittersweet, bizarre.

BL: black, blackest, blanche, bland, blank, blasphemous, blatant, bleak, bleary, blind, blissful, blithe, blocky, blond, blonde, bloodiest, bloodless, bloodshot, bloodstained, bloody, blue, bluff, bluish, blundering, blunt, blunter, blurry, blushing, blustery.

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BO: bodied, bodily, boeotian, bogartian, bogus, bohemian, boiling, boisterous, bold, bolder, boldest, bolshevistic, bombastic, bombproof, bony, booby, bookish, boon, boorish, bored, boring, born, botanical, bothersome, bottom, bottomless, botulinal, bouffant, bouncy, boundless, bovine, boxy, boyish.

BR: brackish, brahmsian, brainy, brash, brassy, brave, braver, bravest, brawny, brazen, brazilian, breakable, breathless, breathtaking, breathy, breeze, breezy, bridal, brief, briefer, briefest, bright, brighter, brightest, brilliant, brimful, brisk, brisker, britannic, british, brittle, broad, broader, broadest, broadside, brocaded, broke, broken, bronchial, bronchiolar, bronze, broody, brotherly, brown, brownish, browny, brushlike, brushy, brutal, brute.

BU: bubbly, buccolic, bucolic, budgetary, buff, bugeyed, builder, builtin, bulk, bulky, bullish, bully, bum, bumptious, bumpy, buoyant, burdensome, bureaucratic, burglarproof, burgundian, burlesque, burly, burmese, burning, busier, busiest, bustling, busy, buttery, buxom.

BY: bygone, byronic, byzantine.

By number of letters


3: bad, big, bum

4: back, bake, bald, bare, base, bass, beat, bent, best, blue, bold, bony, boon, born, boxy, buff, bulk, busy

5: baggy, balmy, banal, bantu, baser, basic, bawdy, beady, beefy, beige, black, bland, blank, bleak, blind, blond, bluff, blunt, bogus, booby, bored, brash, brave, brief, brisk, broad, broke, brown, brute, bulky, bully, bumpy, burly, buxom

6: barbed, barest, barren, benign, bereft, better, bitter, bleary, blithe, blocky, blonde, bloody, bluish, blurry, bodied, bodily, bolder, boring, bottom, bouncy, bovine, boyish, brainy, brassy, braver, brawny, brazen, breeze, breezy, bridal, bright, broken, bronze, broody, browny, brushy, brutal, bubbly, busier, bygone

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7: balding, baleful, baneful, bangish, baroque, bashful, bearded, bearish, bedfast, belated, belgian, beloved, bengali, berserk, bestial, bifocal, biggest, bigoted, billowy, binding, bizarre, blanche, blatant, blunter, boiling, boldest, bookish, boorish, bravest, breathy, briefer, brimful, brisker, british, brittle, broader, bucolic, bugeyed, builder, builtin, bullish, buoyant, burmese, burning, busiest, buttery, byronic

8: backward, baffling, balanced, bankrupt, barbaric, barefoot, baronial, baseless, bathyran, beardown, beatific, beetling, biblical, biennial, bilinear, binomial, biologic, biracial, birdlike, blackest, blissful, blushing, blustery, boeotian, bouffant, brackish, briefest, brighter, broadest, brocaded, brownish, buccolic, bustling

9: backwater, backwoods, bacterial, ballistic, baptismal, barbarous, beardless, beauteous, beautiful, bedridden, befitting, beguiling, benighted, bicameral, biconcave, bilateral, bilingual, bimonthly, binuclear, bitterest, bloodiest, bloodless, bloodshot, bogartian, bombastic, bombproof, botanical, botulinal, boundless, brahmsian, brazilian, breakable, brightest, brilliant, britannic, broadside, bronchial, brotherly, brushlike, budgetary, bumptious, burlesque, byzantine

10: babylonian, barefooted, barometric, basophilic, bedraggled, behavioral, believable, beneficial, benevolent, beribboned, bestubbled, bewildered, biological, bipartisan, boisterous, bothersome, bottomless, breathless, burdensome, burgundian

11: belligerent, belowground, benedictine, beneficient, bestselling, bewhiskered, bimolecular, biochemical, biophysical, bittersweet, blasphemous, bronchiolar

12: bespectacled, biographical, bloodstained, bolshevistic, breathtaking, bureaucratic, burglarproof



15: bibliographical






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