Adjectives that start with b

A list of adjectives that start with B can be found below. These examples of adjectives may be especially helpful for those in school or in college perhaps taking online classes toward a degree, or in another program looking for adjectives starting with b, and b adjectives. The adjective lists on this site might also benefit people who enjoy learning about language and words, or who spend time writing reports or articles.

babylonian, back, backward, backwater, backwoods, bacterial, bad, baffling, baggy, bake, balanced, bald, balding, baleful, ballistic, balmy, banal, baneful, bangish, bankrupt, bantu, baptismal, barbaric, barbarous, barbed, bare, barefoot, barefooted, barest, barometric, baronial, baroque, barren, base, baseless, baser, bashful, basic, basophilic, bass, bathyran, bawdy.

beady, bearded, beardless, beardown, bearish, beat, beatific, beauteous, beautiful, bedfast, bedraggled, bedridden, beefy, beetling, befitting, beguiling, behavioral, beige, belated, belgian, believable, belligerent, beloved, belowground, benedictine, beneficial, beneficient, benevolent, bengali, benighted, benign, bent, bereft, beribboned, berserk, bespectacled, best, bestial, bestselling, bestubbled, better, bewhiskered, bewildered.

biblical, bibliographical, bicameral, biconcave, biennial, bifocal, big, biggest, bigoted, bilateral, bilinear, bilingual, billowy, bimolecular, bimonthly, binding, binomial, binuclear, biochemical, biographical, biologic, biological, biophysical, bipartisan, biracial, birdlike, bitter, bitterest, bittersweet, bizarre.

black, blackest, blanche, bland, blank, blasphemous, blatant, bleak, bleary, blind, blissful, blithe, blocky, blond, blonde, bloodiest, bloodless, bloodshot, bloodstained, bloody, blue, bluff, bluish, blunt, blunter, blurry, blushing, blustery.

bodied, bodily, boeotian, bogartian, bogus, boiling, boisterous, bold, bolder, boldest, bolshevistic, bombastic, bombproof, bony, booby, bookish, boon, boorish, bored, boring, born, botanical, bothersome, bottom, bottomless, botulinal, bouffant, bouncy, boundless, bovine, boxy, boyish.

brackish, brahmsian, brainy, brash, brassy, brave, braver, bravest, brawny, brazen, brazilian, breakable, breathless, breathtaking, breathy, breeze, breezy, bridal, brief, briefer, briefest, bright, brighter, brightest, brilliant, brimful, brisk, brisker, britannic, british, brittle, broad, broader, broadest, broadside, brocaded, broke, broken, bronchial, bronchiolar, bronze, broody, brotherly, brown, brownish, browny, brushlike, brushy, brutal, brute.

bubbly, buccolic, bucolic, budgetary, buff, bugeyed, builder, builtin, bulk, bulky, bullish, bully, bum, bumptious, bumpy, buoyant, burdensome, bureaucratic, burglarproof, burgundian, burlesque, burly, burmese, burning, busier, busiest, bustling, busy, buttery, buxom.

bygone, byronic, byzantine.

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