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Long list of A adjectives, presented in an easy and clear format. Used to modify nouns or pronouns, these words describe people, places, and things. Positive and negative words are included. Any missing adjectives that start with A can be added in the comments section below.

AB: aback, abaft, abandoned, abashed, abdominal, aberrant, abhorrent, abiding, abject, ablaze, able, abler, abnormal, aboard, aboriginal, abortive, abounding, above, aboveground, abrasive, abrupt, absent, absolute, absorbed, absorbing, absorptive, abstract, abstracted, abstractive, absurd, abundant, abusive, abysmal.

AC: academic, accentual, acceptable, accepted, accepting, accessible, accidental, accomplished, accountable, accurate, accused, acid, acidic, acidulous, acoustic, acoustical, acrid, acrobatic, active, actual, actually, actuarial, acute.

AD: adamant, adaptable, added, addicted, additional, adept, adequate, adherent, adhesive, adipic, adjacent, adjectival, adjoining, adjustable, administrative, admirable, admissible, adolescent, adorable, adrenal, adroit, adult, adulterous, advance, advanced, advantageous, adventitious, adventurous, adverbial, adverse, advisable, advisory.

AE: aegean, aerial, aerobic, aerodynamic, aeronautical, aesthetic.

AF: affable, affectionate, afferent, affirmative, affluent, afire, aflame, aforementioned, aforesaid, afraid, african, aft.

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AG: ageless, aggregate, aggressive, aghast, agile, agleam, agonizing, agrarian, agreeable, agreed, agricultural.

AH: ahead.

AI: aimless, airborne, airless, airy.

AJ: ajar.

AK: akin.

AL: alarmist, albanian, alcoholic, alert, algebraic, algerian, alien, alight, alike, alive, alkaline, alleged, allegoric, allegorical, allegro, allergic, allied, alligatored, alliterative, allocable, allowable, alluring, alma, alone, aloof, alphabetic, alphabetical, alright, alternate, alternative, alveolar.

AM: amateur, amateurish, amatory, amazing, amber, ambidextrous, ambiguous, ambitious, ambivalent, ambrosial, ambulatory, amenable, american, amiable, amicable, amiss, ammoniac, amoral, amorous, amorphous, amphibious, ample, amuck, amused, amusing.

AN: anaerobic, analeptic, analogous, analytic, analytical, analyzable, anarchic, anarchical, anastomotic, anatomic, anatomical, ancestral, anchorite, ancient, ancillary, andean, anecdotal, anemic, angelic, anglican, angriest, angry, angular, anhydrous, animate, animated, anionic, aniseikonic, annoyed, annoying, annual, anomalous, anomic, anonymous, anorthic, answerable, antagonistic, anterior, anthropological, anthropomorphic, antic, anticipatory, antihistorical, antiphonal, antiquarian, antiquated, antique, antiseptic, antislavery, antisocial, antisubmarine, antithetical, antithyroid, antitrust, anxious.

AP: apathetic, apocalyptic, apocryphal, apollonian, apologetic, apostolic, appalling, apparent, appealing, appetizing, applicable, appreciable, appreciative, approachable, appropriate, approximate, apropos, apt.

AQ: aquatic, aqueous.

AR: arab, arabian, arabic, arable, arbitrary, arboreal, arcaded, archaeological, archaic, archeological, architectonic, architectural, arclike, arctic, ardent, arduous, argive, arid, aristocratic, aristotelian, arithmetical, armed, armenian, aromatic, aromatick, arresting, arrogant, arrowed, arterial, arteriolar, artful, articulate, artificial, artistic, artless, arty.

AS: ascertainable, aseptic, ashamed, ashen, asian, asiatic, asinine, asleep, asocial, aspiring, assertive, assistant, associate, associated, assorted, assyrian, asteroidal, astonishing, astounding, astral, astringent, astronomical, astute, asymmetric, asymptotic.

AT: atavistic, atheistic, athenian, atheromatous, athletic, atlantic, atmospheric, atomic, atrophic, attactive, attendant, attentive, attic, attractive, attributable, atune, atypical.

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AU: auburn, audible, audio, august, augustan, aural, auspicious, austere, australian, austrian, authentic, authoritarian, authoritative, autistic, autobiographic, autobiographical, autocratic, automatic, automotive, autonomic, autonomous, autumnal, auxiliary.

AV: available, avaliable, avaricious, average, avid.

AW: awake, aware, awash, awesome, awful, awkward, awry.

AX: axial, axiological, axiomatic.

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3: aft, apt

4: able, acid, airy, ajar, akin, alma, arab, arid, arty, avid, awry

5: aback, abaft, abler, above, acrid, acute, added, adept, adult, afire, agile, ahead, alert, alien, alike, alive, alone, aloof, amber, amiss, ample, amuck, angry, antic, armed, ashen, asian, attic, atune, audio, aural, awake, aware, awash, awful, axial

6: abject, ablaze, aboard, abrupt, absent, absurd, acidic, active, actual, adipic, adroit, aegean, aerial, aflame, afraid, aghast, agleam, agreed, alight, allied, amoral, amused, andean, anemic, annual, anomic, arabic, arable, arctic, ardent, argive, artful, asleep, astral, astute, atomic, auburn, august

7: abashed, abiding, abusive, abysmal, accused, adamant, adrenal, advance, adverse, aerobic, affable, african, ageless, aimless, airless, alleged, allegro, alright, amateur, amatory, amazing, amiable, amorous, amusing, ancient, angelic, angular, animate, anionic, annoyed, antique, anxious, apropos, aquatic, aqueous, arabian, arcaded, archaic, arclike, arduous, arrowed, artless, aseptic, ashamed, asiatic, asinine, asocial, audible, austere, average, awesome, awkward

8: aberrant, abnormal, abortive, abrasive, absolute, absorbed, abstract, abundant, academic, accepted, accurate, acoustic, actually, addicted, adequate, adherent, adhesive, adjacent, adorable, advanced, advisory, afferent, affluent, agrarian, airborne, alarmist, albanian, algerian, alkaline, allergic, alluring, alveolar, amenable, american, amicable, ammoniac, analytic, anarchic, anatomic, anglican, angriest, animated, annoying, anorthic, anterior, apparent, arboreal, armenian, aromatic, arrogant, arterial, artistic, aspiring, assorted, assyrian, athenian, athletic, atlantic, atrophic, atypical, augustan, austrian, autistic, autumnal

9: abandoned, abdominal, abhorrent, abounding, absorbing, accentual, accepting, acidulous, acrobatic, actuarial, adaptable, adjoining, admirable, adverbial, advisable, aesthetic, aforesaid, aggregate, agonizing, agreeable, alcoholic, algebraic, allegoric, allocable, allowable, alternate, ambiguous, ambitious, ambrosial, amorphous, anaerobic, analeptic, analogous, ancestral, anchorite, ancillary, anecdotal, anhydrous, anomalous, anonymous, antitrust, apathetic, apostolic, appalling, appealing, arbitrary, aromatick, arresting, assertive, assistant, associate, atavistic, atheistic, attactive, attendant, attentive, authentic, automatic, autonomic, auxiliary, available, avaliable, axiomatic

10: aboriginal, absorptive, abstracted, acceptable, accessible, accidental, acoustical, additional, adjectival, adjustable, admissible, adolescent, adulterous, aggressive, alphabetic, amateurish, ambivalent, ambulatory, amphibious, analytical, analyzable, anarchical, anatomical, answerable, antiphonal, antiquated, antiseptic, antisocial, apocryphal, apollonian, apologetic, appetizing, applicable, arteriolar, articulate, artificial, associated, asteroidal, astounding, astringent, asymmetric, asymptotic, attractive, auspicious, australian, autocratic, automotive, autonomous, avaricious

11: aboveground, abstractive, accountable, adventurous, aerodynamic, affirmative, allegorical, alligatored, alternative, anastomotic, aniseikonic, antiquarian, antislavery, antithyroid, apocalyptic, appreciable, appropriate, approximate, astonishing, atmospheric, axiological

12: accomplished, advantageous, adventitious, aeronautical, affectionate, agricultural, alliterative, alphabetical, ambidextrous, antagonistic, anticipatory, antithetical, appreciative, approachable, aristocratic, aristotelian, arithmetical, astronomical, atheromatous, attributable

13: antisubmarine, archeological, architectonic, architectural, ascertainable, authoritarian, authoritative

14: administrative, aforementioned, antihistorical, archaeological, autobiographic

15: anthropological, anthropomorphic

16: autobiographical





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