Adjectives that start with l

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LA: labile, labored, laborious, labour, lacey, lackadaisical, lacking, lacy, laden, ladylike, lame, lamechian, lamentable, languid, lanky, laodicean, laotian, large, larger, largest, larval, last, lasting, late, latent, later, latest, latin, laughable, laureate, laurentian, lavender, lavish, lawful, lawless, lawmaking, lax, lay, lazy.

LE: leaded, leaden, leaderless, leading, leafiest, leafy, leaky, lean, learned, leathery, leavened, lebanese, left, legal, legendary, legged, leggy, legislative, legitimate, leguminous, leisurely, lengthwise, lengthy, lenient, lesser, lethal, level, lewd, lexical, lexicostatistic.

LI: liable, libelous, liberal, libertarian, lidless, lifeless, lifelike, lifelong, light, lighter, lightest, lighthearted, lightweight, like, likeable, likely, lilac, lilliputian, limber, limbic, limited, limitless, limp, limpid, limping, lineal, linear, linguistic, liquid, listless, literal, literary, literate, lithe, little, littlest, liturgical, livable, live, livelier, lively, liveried, livid, living.

LO: loath, loathsome, lobular, local, lockian, lofty, logical, logistic, logistical, lone, lonelier, loneliest, lonely, lonesome, long, longer, longest, longing, longish, longitudinal, longstanding, longsuffering, looking, loose, loosest, lop, lopsided, loquacious, lordly, lost, loud, louder, loudest, lousy, loutish, lovable, loveliest, lovelorn, lovely, loving, low, lowdown, lower, lowest, lowliest, lowly, loyal.

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LT: ltd.

LU: lucid, luckier, lucky, lucrative, ludicrous, lukewarm, lumbar, luminescent, luminous, lumpish, lumpy, lunar, lunatic, lurid, luscious, lush, lustful, lustrous, lusty, lutheran, luxuriant, luxurious.

LY: lying, lyric, lyrical.

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3: lax, lay, lop, low, ltd

4: lacy, lame, last, late, lazy, lean, left, lewd, like, limp, live, lone, long, lost, loud, lush

5: lacey, laden, lanky, large, later, latin, leafy, leaky, legal, leggy, level, light, lilac, lithe, livid, loath, local, lofty, loose, lousy, lower, lowly, loyal, lucid, lucky, lumpy, lunar, lurid, lusty, lying, lyric

6: labile, labour, larger, larval, latent, latest, lavish, lawful, leaded, leaden, legged, lesser, lethal, liable, likely, limber, limbic, limpid, lineal, linear, liquid, little, lively, living, lonely, longer, lordly, louder, lovely, loving, lowest, lumbar

7: labored, lacking, languid, laotian, largest, lasting, lawless, leading, learned, lengthy, lenient, lexical, liberal, lidless, lighter, limited, limping, literal, livable, lobular, lockian, logical, longest, longing, longish, looking, loosest, loudest, loutish, lovable, lowdown, luckier, lumpish, lunatic, lustful, lyrical

8: ladylike, laureate, lavender, leafiest, leathery, leavened, lebanese, libelous, lifeless, lifelike, lifelong, lightest, likeable, listless, literary, literate, littlest, livelier, liveried, logistic, lonelier, lonesome, lopsided, lovelorn, lowliest, lukewarm, luminous, luscious, lustrous, lutheran

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9: laborious, lamechian, laodicean, laughable, lawmaking, legendary, leisurely, limitless, loathsome, loneliest, loveliest, lucrative, ludicrous, luxuriant, luxurious

10: lamentable, laurentian, leaderless, legitimate, leguminous, lengthwise, linguistic, liturgical, logistical, loquacious

11: legislative, libertarian, lightweight, lilliputian, luminescent

12: lighthearted, longitudinal, longstanding

13: lackadaisical, longsuffering


15: lexicostatistic






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