Adjectives that start with C

Make your writing pop with interesting C adjectives! Used for describing people, places, and things, this long C word list includes positive and negative adjectives, and also has a comments section. Organized in a clear format for quick access, find the descriptive words you need quick in our list of adjectives that start with C.

CA: cackly, cadaverous, cagey, calamitous, calculable, calculating, callable, callous, calm, calmer, calmest, caloric, calorimetric, canadian, candid, cannibalistic, canny, canonist, capable, capacious, capellan, capital, capitalist, capitalistic, capricious, captious, captivating, captive, cardiac, cardinal, cardiovascular, carefree, careful, careless, careworn, caring, carnal, carolingian, cartesian, carven, cassite, cassocked, casual, cataclysmic, catalytic, catastrophic, catchy, categorical, cathodoluminescent, cathodophoretic, catholic, catlike, caucasian, causal, causative, cautious, cavernous.

CE: ceartaine, ceaseless, celestial, celiac, cellular, celtic, censorial, center, central, centric, ceramic, cerebral, ceremonial, certain, cerulean.

CH: chainlike, chalky, challenging, chance, changeable, changing, chaotic, characteristic, chargeable, charitable, charming, chatty, cheap, cheaper, cheerful, cheery, chemical, cherokee, cherry, chic, chief, childish, childless, childlike, chill, chillier, chilly, chinese, chinless, chipper, chivalrous, chockfull, choctaw, choice, choicest, choosy, choppy, choral, choreographic, chosen, christian, chromatic, chromatographic, chromic, chronic, chronological, chubby, chunky, churchgoing, churchillian, churchly.

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CI: ciceronian, ciliated, cinematic, circuitous, circular, circulatory, circumpolar, circumspect, citrated, citybred, citywide, civic, civil, civilian, civilizational.

CL: clairvoyant, clammy, clamorous, clandestine, clannish, claret, classic, classical, classiest, classificatory, classless, classy, clattery, clean, cleaner, clear, clearer, clerical, clever, climactic, clinical, cloistered, clonic, close, closed, closer, closest, closeup, clothbound, cloudless, cloudy, clumsy, cluttered.

CO: coarse, coastal, coaxial, cockeyed, cockier, cocky, coercive, coexistent, cognate, cognitive, cognizant, coherent, cohesive, cohnfidunt, coincidental, cold, colder, coldest, colicky, collapsible, collar, collectible, collective, collegiate, colloidal, collonaded, colloquial, collosal, colombian, colonial, colonnaded, colorful, colorless, colossal, coloured, colourful, coltish, combatant, combative, combinable, combined, comely, cometary, comfortable, comic, coming, commendable, commensurate, commercial, commit, common, commoner, commonest, commonplace, communal, communicational, communicative, communist, communistic, compact, companionable, comparable, comparative, compassionate, compatible, compelling, compensatory, competent, competitive, complacent, complaisant, complementary, complete, complex, complicated, complimentary, composite, compositional, comprehensive, compressive, compulsive, compulsory, computational, con, concave, conceivable, concentric, conceptual, concerned, concerted, conciliatory, concise, conclusive, concordant, concrete, concretistic, concurrent, condemnatory, condemned, conditional, conducive, confident, confidential, confluent, conformational, conformist, confused, confusing, congenial, congenital, congestive, congolese, congratulatory, congregational, congressional, congruent, conjugal, connective, consanguineous, conscientious, conscionable, conscious, consecutive, consequent, consequential, conservation, conservative, considerable, considerate, consistent, consitutional, consonant, consonantal, conspicuous, conspiratorial, constant, constitutional, constricting, constructional, constructive, consular, consultative, consummate, consumptive, contagious, contemporary, contemptible, contemptuous, content, contiguous, continental, continual, continued, continuing, continuous, contraceptive, contractual, contradictory, contrary, contributory, contrite, controlled, controversial, convenient, conventional, conversant, conversational, convertible, convex, convinced, convincing, convivial, convulsive, cooing, cool, cooler, coolest, coolheaded, cooperative, coordinate, coordinated, copernican, copious, copper, coppery, cordial, corinthian, corniest, corny, coronary, corporate, corporeal, corpuscular, correct, corresponding, corrosive, corrupt, corruptible, cortical, cosmic, cosmical, cosmological, cosmopolitan, costive, costlier, costly, cosy, counterfeit, counterflow, countless, countrywide, courageous, courteous, courtly, covert, cowardly, coy, cozier, cozy.

CR: crabbed, crabby, crack, crafty, craggy, cranelike, cranky, crash, crass, crassest, craven, crazy, cream, creamy, creative, credible, creditable, credulous, creedal, creepy, crested, crestfallen, crimean, criminal, crimson, crisp, critical, crocketed, cromwellian, crooked, cross, crotchety, crowded, crucial, crude, crudest, cruel, cruelest, crumbly, crummy, cryptic, cryptographic, crystalline, crystallographic.

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CU: cuban, cubic, cubist, cuddly, cultural, cultured, cumbersome, cumulative, cunning, curative, curbside, curious, curly, current, curricular, cursory, curt, curtained, curved, curvy, custodial, custom, customary, cut, cute, cutest.

CY: cyclical, cylindrical, cynical.

By number of letters


3: con, coy, cut

4: calm, chic, cold, cool, cosy, cozy, curt, cute

5: cagey, canny, cheap, chief, chill, civic, civil, clean, clear, close, cocky, comic, corny, crack, crash, crass, crazy, cream, crisp, cross, crude, cruel, cuban, cubic, curly, curvy

6: cackly, calmer, candid, caring, carnal, carven, casual, catchy, causal, celiac, celtic, center, chalky, chance, chatty, cheery, cherry, chilly, choice, choosy, choppy, choral, chosen, chubby, chunky, clammy, claret, classy, clever, clonic, closed, closer, cloudy, clumsy, coarse, colder, collar, comely, coming, commit, common, convex, cooing, cooler, copper, cosmic, costly, covert, cozier, crabby, crafty, craggy, cranky, craven, creamy, creepy, crummy, cubist, cuddly, curved, custom, cutest

7: callous, calmest, caloric, capable, capital, captive, cardiac, careful, cassite, catlike, central, centric, ceramic, certain, chaotic, cheaper, chinese, chipper, choctaw, chromic, chronic, classic, cleaner, clearer, closest, closeup, coastal, coaxial, cockier, cognate, coldest, colicky, coltish, compact, complex, concave, concise, content, coolest, copious, coppery, cordial, correct, corrupt, costive, courtly, crabbed, creedal, crested, crimean, crimson, crooked, crowded, crucial, crudest, crumbly, cryptic, cunning, curious, current, cursory, cynical

8: callable, canadian, canonist, capellan, captious, cardinal, carefree, careless, careworn, catholic, cautious, cellular, cerebral, cerulean, changing, charming, cheerful, chemical, cherokee, childish, chillier, chinless, choicest, churchly, ciliated, circular, citrated, citybred, citywide, civilian, clannish, clattery, clerical, clinical, cockeyed, coercive, coherent, cohesive, collosal, colonial, colorful, colossal, coloured, combined, cometary, commoner, communal, complete, concrete, confused, conjugal, constant, consular, contrary, contrite, corniest, coronary, cortical, cosmical, costlier, cowardly, crassest, creative, credible, criminal, critical, cruelest, cultural, cultured, curative, curbside, cyclical

9: capacious, cartesian, cassocked, catalytic, caucasian, causative, cavernous, ceartaine, ceaseless, celestial, censorial, chainlike, childless, childlike, chockfull, christian, chromatic, cinematic, clamorous, classical, classiest, classless, climactic, cloudless, cluttered, cognitive, cognizant, colloidal, colombian, colorless, colourful, combatant, combative, commonest, communist, competent, composite, concerned, concerted, condemned, conducive, confident, confluent, confusing, congenial, congolese, congruent, conscious, consonant, continual, continued, convinced, convivial, corporate, corporeal, corrosive, countless, courteous, cranelike, credulous, crocketed, crotchety, curtained, custodial, customary

10: cadaverous, calamitous, calculable, capitalist, capricious, ceremonial, changeable, chargeable, charitable, chivalrous, ciceronian, circuitous, cloistered, clothbound, coexistent, cohnfidunt, collective, collegiate, collonaded, colloquial, colonnaded, combinable, commercial, comparable, compatible, compelling, complacent, compulsive, compulsory, concentric, conceptual, conclusive, concordant, concurrent, conformist, congenital, congestive, connective, consequent, consistent, consummate, contagious, contiguous, continuing, continuous, controlled, convenient, conversant, convincing, convulsive, coolheaded, coordinate, copernican, corinthian, courageous, creditable, cumbersome, cumulative, curricular

11: calculating, captivating, carolingian, cataclysmic, categorical, challenging, churchgoing, circulatory, circumpolar, circumspect, clairvoyant, clandestine, collapsible, collectible, comfortable, commendable, commonplace, communistic, comparative, competitive, complaisant, complicated, compressive, conceivable, conditional, consecutive, considerate, consonantal, conspicuous, consumptive, continental, contractual, convertible, cooperative, coordinated, corpuscular, corruptible, counterfeit, counterflow, countrywide, crestfallen, cromwellian, crystalline, cylindrical

12: calorimetric, capitalistic, catastrophic, churchillian, coincidental, commensurate, compensatory, conciliatory, concretistic, condemnatory, confidential, conscionable, conservation, conservative, considerable, constricting, constructive, consultative, contemporary, contemptible, contemptuous, contributory, conventional, cosmological, cosmopolitan

13: cannibalistic, choreographic, chronological, communicative, companionable, compassionate, complementary, complimentary, compositional, comprehensive, computational, congressional, conscientious, consequential, consitutional, contraceptive, contradictory, controversial, corresponding, cryptographic

14: cardiovascular, characteristic, civilizational, classificatory, conformational, congratulatory, congregational, consanguineous, conspiratorial, constitutional, constructional, conversational

15: cathodophoretic, chromatographic, communicational

16: crystallographic


18: cathodoluminescent



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