Adjectives that start with g

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GA: gabby, gainful, gaited, gala, galactic, gallant, galling, galvanic, gamy, gangling, gaping, gargantuan, garish, garrulous, gaseous, gassy, gastric, gastrointestinal, gauche, gaudy, gaunt, gaussian, gawky, gay.

GE: geatish, gemlike, general, generous, genetic, genial, genteel, gentile, gentle, gentlemanly, gentler, genuine, geocentric, geographic, geographical, geological, geometric, geometrical, geopolitical, georgian, geriatric, german, germane, germanic, germinal, gerundial.

GH: ghastly, ghostlike, ghostly.

GI: giant, giddy, gifted, gigantic, gilt, gimbaled, gingerly, girlish, given.

GL: glad, glamorous, glandular, glassless, glassy, gleaming, gleeful, glib, glistening, global, glomerular, gloomy, glorious, glossy, glottal, glottochronological, glutamic, glutinous.

GN: gnarled, gnomelike.

GO: goddam, goddamn, godless, godlike, godly, gold, golden, good, gooey, goofy, gooshey, gorgeous, gothic, governing, governmental, gowned.

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GR: graceful, gracious, gradient, gradual, graduate, grammatical, grand, grander, grandiloquent, grandiose, granular, granulocytic, graphic, graphical, grassy, grateful, gratifying, gratis, gratuitous, grave, graven, graver, gravest, gravid, gravitational, gray, grayer, greasy, great, greatcoated, greate, greater, greatest, grecian, greedy, greek, green, greenest, greenish, gregarious, gret, grey, grieving, grievous, grim, grimmer, grisly, gritty, grizzled, groggy, groovy, gross, grotesque, grouchy, groundless, grovelike, growing, grubby, gruesome, gruff, grumpy.

GU: guarded, guatemalan, gubernatorial, guileless, guiltless, guilty, gullible, gummy, gusty, guttural.

GY: gymnastic, gynecological.

By number of letters


3: gay

4: gala, gamy, gilt, glad, glib, gold, good, gray, gret, grey, grim

5: gabby, gassy, gaudy, gaunt, gawky, giant, giddy, given, godly, gooey, goofy, grand, grave, great, greek, green, gross, gruff, gummy, gusty

6: gaited, gaping, garish, gauche, genial, gentle, german, gifted, glassy, global, gloomy, glossy, goddam, golden, gothic, gowned, grassy, gratis, graven, graver, gravid, grayer, greasy, greate, greedy, grisly, gritty, groggy, groovy, grubby, grumpy, guilty

7: gainful, gallant, galling, gaseous, gastric, geatish, gemlike, general, genetic, genteel, gentile, gentler, genuine, germane, ghastly, ghostly, girlish, gleeful, glottal, gnarled, goddamn, godless, godlike, gooshey, gradual, grander, graphic, gravest, greater, grecian, grimmer, grouchy, growing, guarded

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8: galactic, galvanic, gangling, gaussian, generous, georgian, germanic, germinal, gigantic, gimbaled, gingerly, gleaming, glorious, glutamic, gorgeous, graceful, gracious, gradient, graduate, granular, grateful, greatest, greenest, greenish, grieving, grievous, grizzled, gruesome, gullible, guttural

9: garrulous, geometric, geriatric, gerundial, ghostlike, glamorous, glandular, glassless, glutinous, gnomelike, governing, grandiose, graphical, grotesque, grovelike, guileless, guiltless, gymnastic

10: gargantuan, geocentric, geographic, geological, glistening, glomerular, gratifying, gratuitous, gregarious, groundless, guatemalan

11: gentlemanly, geometrical, grammatical, greatcoated

12: geographical, geopolitical, governmental, granulocytic

13: grandiloquent, gravitational, gubernatorial, gynecological



16: gastrointestinal



19: glottochronological


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