Adjectives that start with p

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PA: pacifistic, painful, painless, painstaking, painteresque, pakistani, palatable, pale, paleocortical, palest, palestinian, palladian, palliative, pallid, palpable, paltry, panicky, panoramic, pantomimic, papal, papery, papillary, paradigmatic, paradoxical, paralinguistic, parallel, paramagnetic, parametric, paramilitary, paramount, paranoid, paranormal, parasitic, parasympathetic, paraxial, parched, pardonable, parental, parisian, parkish, parklike, parliamentary, parochial, parsimonious, parsympathetic, partial, particular, particularistic, particulate, partisan, passable, passing, passionate, passive, past, pastoral, pasty, patent, paternalistic, pathetic, pathless, pathogenic, pathologic, pathological, patient, patriarchal, patriotic, patristic, paunchy, payable.

PE: peaceable, peaceful, peacemaking, peaked, peaky, pearly, peculiar, pedagogical, pedantic, pedestrian, pedigreed, pedimented, peerless, pelvic, penal, pending, penetrating, penitent, penniless, pensive, pentecostal, penultimate, penurious, peppery, perceptible, perceptive, perceptual, percussive, peremptory, perennial, perennian, perfect, perfidious, perfunctory, periclean, peridontal, perilous, periodic, peripheral, periphrastic, perishable, perky, permanent, permian, permissible, permissive, pernicious, perpendicular, perpetual, perplexing, persecutory, persian, persianesque, persistent, personal, persuasive, pert, pertinent, peruvian, pervasive, perverse, pessimistic, pestilent, petite, petrarchan, petty, petulant.

PH: pharmaceutical, pharmacological, phenomenal, phenomenological, philanthropic, philippine, philological, philosophic, philosophical, phobic, phonemic, phonetic, phonic, phonologic, phony, phosphorescent, photochemical, photoelectronic, photogenic, photographic, photosensitive, physical, physicochemical, physiochemical, physiologic, physiological.

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PI: pianistic, picayune, pictorial, picturesque, piecemeal, piezoelectric, pigmented, pillared, pimpled, pimplike, pink, pious, piquant, piteous, pithy, pitiable, pitiful, pitiless, pituitary, pivotal.

PL: placeless, placid, plain, plainest, plaintive, planar, planetary, planned, planoconcave, plant, plastic, platitudinous, platonic, plausible, playable, playful, pleasant, pleased, pleasing, plebeian, plenary, plentiful, pleural, pliable, pliant, plucky, plump, pluralistic, plush.

PO: poetic, poignant, pointed, pointless, poised, poisonous, pokerfaced, polar, polemical, polish, polite, politic, political, polycrystalline, polygynous, polymeric, polynomial, polytonal, pompous, ponderous, pontifical, poor, poorer, poorest, popish, popular, populous, pornographic, porous, port, portable, portentous, portly, portuguese, poshest, positive, possessive, possible, postal, posterior, postgraduate, posthumous, postwar, potent, potential, powdery, powerful, powerless.

PR: practicable, practical, pragmatic, prayerful, precarious, precautionary, precious, precise, precision, precocious, preconscious, predictable, predictive, predominant, preemployment, prefab, preferable, preferential, preferred, preflight, pregnant, prehistoric, prejudicial, preliminary, preliterate, premarital, premature, premier, premium, premonitory, preparative, preparatory, prepared, prepositional, preposterous, prepubescent, prepupal, presbyterian, preschool, prescriptive, present, presentable, presentational, presidential, pressing, presumptuous, pretentious, pretrial, prettier, prettiest, pretty, prevalent, preventive, previous, prewar, priceless, pricey, prickly, priestly, prim, primal, primary, prime, primeval, primitive, principal, principle, printable, printed, prior, pristine, private, privileged, pro, probabilistic, probable, problematic, problematical, procedural, procreative, prodigal, prodigious, productive, profane, professional, proficient, profitable, profound, profoundest, profuse, progressive, prohibitive, projective, prolific, prominent, promising, promotional, prompt, prone, propagandistic, proper, prophetic, propitious, proportional, proportionate, proposed, proprietory, prosaic, prosodic, prospective, prosperous, prostrate, protective, proteolytic, protestant, protogeometric, protoplasmic, prototypical, protozoan, proud, prouder, proudest, proverbial, providential, provincial, provisional, provocative, proximal, proximate, prudent, prudential, prurient, prussian.

PS: pseudo, psychedelic, psychiatric, psychic, psychical, psychoactive, psychoanalytic, psychological, psychopathic, psychopharmacological, psychosomatic, psychotherapeutic, psychotic.

PT: ptolemaic.

PU: pubescent, public, publick, puckish, puerile, puffy, puissant, pulmonary, pumped, pungent, punishable, punitive, puny, puppyish, pure, purest, puritan, puritanical, purple, purposeful, purposeless, purposive, purring, pursuant, purtiest, pushing, pushy, puzzled, puzzling.

PY: pyhrric, pyknotic, pyramidal.

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By number of letters


3: pro

4: pale, past, pert, pink, poor, port, prim, puny, pure

5: papal, pasty, peaky, penal, perky, petty, phony, pious, pithy, plain, plant, plump, plush, polar, prime, prior, prone, proud, puffy, pushy

6: palest, pallid, paltry, papery, patent, peaked, pearly, pelvic, petite, phobic, phonic, placid, planar, pliant, plucky, poetic, poised, polish, polite, poorer, popish, porous, portly, postal, potent, prefab, pretty, prewar, pricey, primal, prompt, proper, pseudo, public, pumped, purest, purple

7: painful, panicky, parched, parkish, partial, passing, passive, patient, paunchy, payable, pending, pensive, peppery, perfect, permian, persian, pimpled, piquant, piteous, pitiful, pivotal, planned, plastic, playful, pleased, plenary, pleural, pliable, pointed, politic, pompous, poorest, popular, poshest, postwar, powdery, precise, premier, premium, present, prickly, primary, printed, private, profane, profuse, prosaic, prouder, prudent, psychic, publick, puckish, puerile, pungent, puritan, purring, pushing, puzzled, pyhrric

8: painless, palpable, parallel, paranoid, paraxial, parental, parisian, parklike, partisan, passable, pastoral, pathetic, pathless, peaceful, peculiar, pedantic, peerless, penitent, perilous, periodic, personal, peruvian, perverse, petulant, phonemic, phonetic, physical, picayune, pillared, pimplike, pitiable, pitiless, plainest, platonic, playable, pleasant, pleasing, plebeian, poignant, populous, portable, positive, possible, powerful, precious, pregnant, prepared, prepupal, pressing, pretrial, prettier, previous, priestly, primeval, pristine, probable, prodigal, profound, prolific, proposed, prosodic, proudest, proximal, prurient, prussian, puissant, punitive, puppyish, pursuant, purtiest, puzzling, pyknotic

9: pakistani, palatable, palladian, panoramic, papillary, paramount, parasitic, parochial, patriotic, patristic, peaceable, pedigreed, penniless, penurious, perennial, perennian, periclean, permanent, perpetual, pertinent, pervasive, pestilent, pianistic, pictorial, piecemeal, pigmented, pituitary, placeless, plaintive, planetary, plausible, plentiful, pointless, poisonous, polemical, political, polymeric, polytonal, ponderous, posterior, potential, powerless, practical, pragmatic, prayerful, precision, preferred, preflight, premature, preschool, prettiest, prevalent, priceless, primitive, principal, principle, printable, prominent, promising, prophetic, prostrate, protozoan, proximate, psychical, psychotic, ptolemaic, pubescent, pulmonary, purposive, pyramidal

10: pacifistic, palliative, pantomimic, parametric, paranormal, pardonable, particular, passionate, pathogenic, pathologic, pedestrian, pedimented, perceptive, perceptual, percussive, peremptory, perfidious, peridontal, peripheral, perishable, permissive, pernicious, perplexing, persistent, persuasive, petrarchan, phenomenal, philippine, phonologic, photogenic, pokerfaced, polygynous, polynomial, pontifical, portentous, portuguese, possessive, posthumous, precarious, precocious, predictive, preferable, premarital, preventive, privileged, procedural, prodigious, productive, proficient, profitable, projective, propitious, prosperous, protective, protestant, proverbial, provincial, prudential, punishable, purposeful

11: painstaking, palestinian, paradoxical, particulate, patriarchal, peacemaking, pedagogical, penetrating, pentecostal, penultimate, perceptible, perfunctory, permissible, persecutory, pessimistic, philosophic, physiologic, picturesque, pluralistic, practicable, predictable, predominant, prehistoric, prejudicial, preliminary, preliterate, premonitory, preparative, preparatory, presentable, pretentious, problematic, procreative, profoundest, progressive, prohibitive, promotional, proprietory, prospective, proteolytic, provisional, provocative, psychedelic, psychiatric, puritanical, purposeless

12: painteresque, paradigmatic, paramagnetic, paramilitary, parsimonious, pathological, periphrastic, persianesque, philological, photographic, planoconcave, pornographic, postgraduate, preconscious, preferential, preposterous, prepubescent, presbyterian, prescriptive, presidential, presumptuous, professional, proportional, protoplasmic, prototypical, providential, psychoactive, psychopathic

13: paleocortical, parliamentary, paternalistic, perpendicular, philanthropic, philosophical, photochemical, physiological, piezoelectric, platitudinous, precautionary, preemployment, prepositional, probabilistic, problematical, proportionate, psychological, psychosomatic

14: paralinguistic, parsympathetic, pharmaceutical, phosphorescent, photosensitive, physiochemical, presentational, propagandistic, protogeometric, psychoanalytic

15: parasympathetic, particularistic, pharmacological, photoelectronic, physicochemical, polycrystalline

16: phenomenological

17: psychotherapeutic




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