Adjectives that start with d

Describe people, places, and things with interesting D adjectives. This clearly organized word list helps visitors learn to modify nouns or pronouns in a manner that keeps their readers engaged. The interactive comments section lets users expand on the adjectives that start with D found below.

DA: daffy, daily, dainty, dam, damaged, damaging, damn, damp, dancelike, dandy, dang, dangerous, danish, dank, dapper, dark, darker, darkest, darkhaired, darkling, darling, dashing, dauntless, daytime, dazzling.

DE: dead, deadliest, deadly, deadpan, deaf, deafening, dear, dearer, dearest, deathward, debatable, debilitating, debonair, decadent, deceased, deceitful, decent, deceptive, decisional, decisive, declamatory, declarative, decorative, decorous, deductable, deductible, deductive, deep, deeper, deepest, deeply, defeated, defective, defenseless, defensible, defensive, defiant, deficient, definable, definite, definitive, deformational, deft, defunct, deliberate, delicate, delicious, delighted, delightful, delinquent, delirious, delphic, deluxe, demanding, democratic, demographic, demoniac, demonic, demonstrable, demure, denominational, dense, densest, dental, departmental, dependable, dependent, deplorable, deprecatory, depressed, depressing, deputy, deranged, derogatory, descriptive, deserted, deserving, desirable, desirous, desolate, desperate, despondent, destitute, destructive, desultory, detachable, detailed, detectable, determinable, determinate, determinative, determined, deterministic, detestable, detrimental, developed, developing, developmental, deviant, devilish, devious, devoid, devoted, devotional, devout, dextrous.

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DI: diabetic, diabolical, diachronic, diagnosable, diagnostic, diagonal, diagonalizable, dialectical, diametric, diaphanous, diaphragmic, diatomic, dictatorial, didactic, diehard, dietary, different, differentiable, differential, difficult, diffuse, digestible, digestive, digital, diligent, dilute, dim, dimensional, dimesize, diminutive, dingy, diocesan, dionysian, diplomatic, dipole, dire, direct, directional, direful, dirty, disabled, disaffiliated, disagreeable, disappointed, disappointing, disastrous, discernable, discernible, disciplinary, discoid, disconcerting, discontented, discontinuous, discorporate, discouraging, discourteous, discreet, discrete, discretionary, discriminating, discriminatory, disdainful, diseased, disgraceful, disgusted, disgusting, dishonest, disillusioned, disintegrative, disinterested, disloyal, dismal, dismaying, disobedient, disorderly, disparate, dispassionate, dispensable, disproportionate, disputable, disquieting, disreputable, disruptive, dissident, dissimilar, distal, distant, distasteful, distinct, distinctive, distinguishable, distinguished, distortable, distraught, distressing, distributive, disturbed, disturbing, diurnal, divergent, divers, diverse, diversionary, divine, divisible, divisional, divisive, dizzy.

DO: docile, doctrinaire, doctrinal, documentary, dogged, dogmatic, doleful, doltish, domestic, dominant, domineering, dominican, doric, dormant, double, doubtful, dour, down, downcast, downhill, downright, downstream, downtalking, downtrodden, downward, downwind.

DR: drab, draconian, drafty, dramatic, dramatical, drastic, draughty, dread, dreadful, dreamless, dreamlike, dreamy, dreary, dressy, drier, driving, drizzly, dromozootic, drop, drowsy, drugless, druncke, drunk, drunken, drunker, dry.

DU: dual, dubious, due, dulcet, dull, duller, dullest, dumb, dummy, duplex, duplicable, duplicate, durable, dusky, dusty, dutch.

DY: dying, dynamic, dynamical, dynastic, dysfunctional, dyspeptic, dystopian.

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By number of letters


3: dam, dim, dry, due

4: damn, damp, dang, dank, dark, dead, deaf, dear, deep, deft, dire, dour, down, drab, drop, dual, dull, dumb

5: daffy, daily, dandy, dense, dingy, dirty, dizzy, doric, dread, drier, drunk, dummy, dusky, dusty, dutch, dying

6: dainty, danish, dapper, darker, deadly, dearer, decent, deeper, deeply, deluxe, demure, dental, deputy, devoid, devout, dilute, dipole, direct, dismal, distal, divers, divine, docile, dogged, double, drafty, dreamy, dreary, dressy, drowsy, dulcet, duller, duplex

7: damaged, darkest, darling, dashing, daytime, deadpan, dearest, deepest, defiant, defunct, delphic, demonic, densest, deviant, devious, devoted, diehard, dietary, diffuse, digital, direful, discoid, distant, diurnal, diverse, doleful, doltish, dormant, drastic, driving, drizzly, druncke, drunken, drunker, dubious, dullest, durable, dynamic

8: damaging, darkling, dazzling, debonair, decadent, deceased, decisive, decorous, defeated, definite, delicate, demoniac, deranged, deserted, desirous, desolate, detailed, devilish, dextrous, diabetic, diagonal, diatomic, didactic, diligent, dimesize, diocesan, disabled, discreet, discrete, diseased, disloyal, distinct, divisive, dogmatic, domestic, dominant, doubtful, downcast, downhill, downward, downwind, dramatic, draughty, dreadful, drugless, dynastic

9: dancelike, dangerous, dauntless, deadliest, deafening, deathward, debatable, deceitful, deceptive, deductive, defective, defensive, deficient, definable, delicious, delighted, delirious, demanding, dependent, depressed, deserving, desirable, desperate, destitute, desultory, developed, diametric, different, difficult, digestive, dionysian, disgusted, dishonest, dismaying, disparate, dissident, disturbed, divergent, divisible, doctrinal, dominican, downright, draconian, dreamless, dreamlike, duplicate, dynamical, dyspeptic, dystopian

10: darkhaired, decisional, decorative, deductable, deductible, defensible, definitive, deliberate, delightful, delinquent, democratic, dependable, deplorable, depressing, derogatory, despondent, detachable, detectable, determined, detestable, developing, devotional, diabolical, diachronic, diagnostic, diaphanous, digestible, diminutive, diplomatic, disastrous, disdainful, disgusting, disorderly, disputable, disruptive, dissimilar, distraught, disturbing, divisional, downstream, dramatical, duplicable

11: declamatory, declarative, defenseless, demographic, deprecatory, descriptive, destructive, determinate, detrimental, diagnosable, dialectical, diaphragmic, dictatorial, dimensional, directional, discernable, discernible, disgraceful, disobedient, dispensable, disquieting, distasteful, distinctive, distortable, distressing, doctrinaire, documentary, domineering, downtalking, downtrodden, dromozootic

12: debilitating, demonstrable, departmental, determinable, differential, disagreeable, disappointed, disciplinary, discontented, discorporate, discouraging, discourteous, disreputable, distributive, diversionary

13: deformational, determinative, deterministic, developmental, disaffiliated, disappointing, disconcerting, discontinuous, discretionary, disillusioned, disinterested, dispassionate, distinguished, dysfunctional

14: denominational, diagonalizable, differentiable, discriminating, discriminatory, disintegrative

15: distinguishable

16: disproportionate





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