Adjectives that start with t

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TA: taboo, tacit, tacky, tactful, tactical, tactile, tactual, taffycolored, talented, talismanic, talkative, talky, tall, taller, tame, tan, tangent, tangential, tangible, tangy, tantamount, taoist, tardy, tart, tasteful, tasteless, tasty, taut, tawdry, tawny, taxable, taxpaying.

TE: tearful, technical, technological, tedious, teenage, teensy, teeny, telegraphic, teleological, telescopic, telling, telomeric, temperate, temporal, temporary, ten, tenable, tenacious, tender, tenebrous, tense, tensile, tensional, tensionless, tentative, tenuous, tepid, terminal, terrestial, terrestrial, terrible, terrific, terrifying, territorial, terse, tertiary, tested, testimonial, testy, tetragonal, teutonic, texan, textile, textual, textured.

TH: thankful, thankless, theatergoing, theatrical, theistic, thematic, then, theodosian, theological, theoretical, therapeutic, thermal, thermodynamic, thermoelectric, thermogravimetric, thermometric, thermonuclear, thermostated, thick, thicker, thickest, thin, thinkable, thinner, third, thirsty, thorny, thorough, thoroughgoing, thoughtful, thoughtless, threadbare, threatening, three, threefold, thrifty, thrilling, throaty, thrombosed, thundering, thunderous, thyroidal, thyrotoxic, thyrotrophic.

TI: tibetan, tidal, tidy, tiered, tight, tightest, tightfisted, timeless, timely, timeworn, timid, tiniest, tintable, tiny, tipsy, tired, tireless, tiresome, titanic, titular.

TO: tode, toilsome, token, tokenish, tolerable, tolerant, tomblike, tonal, toneless, tool, toothsome, top, topical, topmost, topographic, tops, torpid, tortuous, tory, total, totalistic, totalitarian, totemic, touching, touchy, tough, tougher, toughest, towering, toxic.

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TR: trace, traceable, trackless, traditional, traditionalistic, tragic, tragicomic, traitorous, tranquil, transatlantic, transcendant, transcendent, transcendental, transcultural, transient, transitional, translucent, transluscent, transmissible, transmittable, transoceanic, transparent, transplantable, transverse, trashy, traumatic, treacherous, treasonable, treasonous, treble, treelike, tremendous, trenchant, triangular, tribal, trichloroacetic, trichrome, tricky, trigonal, trim, trinitarian, tripartite, triple, trite, triumphant, trivial, tropical, troubled, troublesome, truant, truculent, true, truer, truest, trusting, trustworthy, truthful, trying.

TU: tubular, tumultuous, tuneful, tunisian, turbulent, turkish, turquoise, tuxedoed.

TW: tweedy, twin, twisty, two, twofold.

TY: typewritten, typical, typographic, tyrannical.

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3: tan, ten, top, two

4: tall, tame, tart, taut, then, thin, tidy, tiny, tode, tool, tops, tory, trim, true, twin

5: taboo, tacit, tacky, talky, tangy, tardy, tasty, tawny, teeny, tense, tepid, terse, testy, texan, thick, third, three, tidal, tight, timid, tipsy, tired, token, tonal, total, tough, toxic, trace, trite, truer

6: taller, taoist, tawdry, teensy, tender, tested, thorny, tiered, timely, torpid, touchy, tragic, trashy, treble, tribal, tricky, triple, truant, truest, trying, tweedy, twisty

7: tactful, tactile, tactual, tangent, taxable, tearful, tedious, teenage, telling, tenable, tensile, tenuous, textile, textual, thermal, thicker, thinner, thirsty, thrifty, throaty, tibetan, tiniest, titanic, titular, topical, topmost, totemic, tougher, trivial, tubular, tuneful, turkish, twofold, typical

8: tactical, talented, tangible, tasteful, temporal, terminal, terrible, terrific, tertiary, teutonic, textured, thankful, theistic, thematic, thickest, thorough, tightest, timeless, timeworn, tintable, tireless, tiresome, toilsome, tokenish, tolerant, tomblike, toneless, tortuous, touching, toughest, towering, tranquil, treelike, trigonal, tropical, troubled, trusting, truthful, tunisian, tuxedoed

9: talkative, tasteless, taxpaying, technical, telomeric, temperate, temporary, tenacious, tenebrous, tensional, tentative, thankless, thinkable, threefold, thrilling, thyroidal, tolerable, toothsome, traceable, trackless, transient, traumatic, trenchant, trichrome, truculent, turbulent, turquoise

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10: talismanic, tangential, tantamount, telescopic, terrestial, terrifying, tetragonal, theatrical, theodosian, thoughtful, threadbare, thrombosed, thundering, thunderous, thyrotoxic, totalistic, tragicomic, traitorous, transverse, treasonous, tremendous, triangular, tripartite, triumphant, tumultuous, tyrannical

11: telegraphic, tensionless, terrestrial, territorial, testimonial, theological, theoretical, therapeutic, thoughtless, threatening, tightfisted, topographic, traditional, translucent, transparent, treacherous, treasonable, trinitarian, troublesome, trustworthy, typewritten, typographic

12: taffycolored, teleological, theatergoing, thermometric, thermostated, thyrotrophic, totalitarian, transcendant, transcendent, transitional, transluscent, transoceanic

13: technological, thermodynamic, thermonuclear, thoroughgoing, transatlantic, transcultural, transmissible, transmittable

14: thermoelectric, transcendental, transplantable

15: trichloroacetic

16: traditionalistic

17: thermogravimetric




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