Adjectives that start with e

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EA: eager, eared, earlier, earliest, early, earnest, earsplitting, earthly, earthy, easier, easiest, east, eastern, easy, easygoing, eatable.

EB: ebullient.

EC: eccentric, ecclesiastical, eclectic, ecological, economic, economical, economy, ecstatic, ecumenical.

ED: edematous, edentulous, edgy, edible, editorial, educated, educational.

EE: eerie.

EF: effective, effectual, effeminate, effete, efficacious, efficient, effortless, effusive.

EG: egocentric, egyptian.

EI: eidetic, eight, einsteinian.

EL: elaborate, elastic, elated, elder, elderly, eldest, electoral, electric, electrical, electrifying, electronic, electrostatic, elegant, elegiac, elemental, elementary, elephantine, elfin, eligible, elite, elizabethan, elliptical, eloquent, elusive.

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EM: emaciated, embarrassed, embarrassing, emblematic, embryonic, emergent, emeritus, eminent, emotional, emphatic, emphysematous, empirical, emptier, empty.

EN: encephalographic, enchanted, enchanting, encouraging, encyclopedic, endearing, endless, endogamous, endogenous, endothelial, endothermic, endurable, energetic, enforceable, engaging, english, englishy, engrossing, enigmatic, enjoyable, enlightening, enormous, enterprising, entertaining, enthralling, enthusiastic, entire, entitled, enviable, envious, environmental, enzymatic.

EO: eosinophilic.

EP: ephemeral, epic, epicyclical, epigenetic, epigrammatic, epileptic, episcopal, epistolatory.

EQ: equable, equal, equatorial, equidistant, equipotent, equitable, equivalent, equivocal.

ER: erect, ergotropic, erotic, erratic, erroneous, erudite, erythroid.

ES: esoteric, essential, established, esthetic, estimated.

ET: eternal, ethereal, ethical, ethnic, etruscan, etymological.

EU: eugenic, euphoric, eurasian, european, europeanish.

EV: evaluative, evanescent, evangelical, evaporative, evasive, even, eventual, everlasting, evermounting, everyday, evident, evidential, evil, evocative, evolutionary.

EX: exact, exasperating, excellent, exceptional, excess, excessive, excitatory, excited, exciting, exclusive, excruciating, excusable, executive, exempt, exhaustible, exhaustive, exhilarating, existent, existential, existing, exogamous, exorbitant, exothermic, exotic, expandable, expansive, expectable, expectant, expected, expedient, expeditious, expendable, expensive, experienced, experiential, experimental, expert, explanatory, explicable, explicit, exploratory, explosive, exponential, expository, express, expressible, expressionistic, expressionless, expressive, exquisite, extant, extended, extensive, exterior, external, extinct, extra, extralegal, extramarital, extraneous, extraordinary, extraterrestrial, extravagant, extreme, exuberant, exultant.

EY: eyd.

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By number of letters


3: eyd

4: east, easy, edgy, epic, even, evil

5: eager, eared, early, eerie, eight, elder, elfin, elite, empty, equal, erect, exact, extra

6: earthy, easier, edible, effete, elated, eldest, entire, erotic, ethnic, excess, exempt, exotic, expert, extant

7: earlier, earnest, earthly, easiest, eastern, eatable, economy, eidetic, elastic, elderly, elegant, elegiac, elusive, eminent, emptier, endless, english, envious, equable, erratic, erudite, eternal, ethical, eugenic, evasive, evident, excited, express, extinct, extreme

8: earliest, eclectic, economic, ecstatic, educated, effusive, egyptian, electric, eligible, eloquent, emergent, emeritus, emphatic, engaging, englishy, enormous, entitled, enviable, esoteric, esthetic, ethereal, etruscan, euphoric, eurasian, european, eventual, everyday, exciting, existent, existing, expected, explicit, extended, exterior, external, exultant

9: easygoing, ebullient, eccentric, edematous, editorial, effective, effectual, efficient, elaborate, electoral, elemental, emaciated, embryonic, emotional, empirical, enchanted, endearing, endurable, energetic, enigmatic, enjoyable, enzymatic, ephemeral, epileptic, episcopal, equitable, equivocal, erroneous, erythroid, essential, estimated, evocative, excellent, excessive, exclusive, excusable, executive, exogamous, expansive, expectant, expedient, expensive, explosive, exquisite, extensive, exuberant

10: ecological, economical, ecumenical, edentulous, effeminate, effortless, egocentric, electrical, electronic, elementary, elliptical, emblematic, enchanting, endogamous, endogenous, engrossing, epigenetic, equatorial, equipotent, equivalent, ergotropic, evaluative, evanescent, evidential, excitatory, exhaustive, exorbitant, exothermic, expandable, expectable, expendable, explicable, expository, expressive, extralegal, extraneous

11: educational, efficacious, einsteinian, elephantine, elizabethan, embarrassed, encouraging, endothelial, endothermic, enforceable, enthralling, epicyclical, equidistant, established, europeanish, evangelical, evaporative, everlasting, exceptional, exhaustible, existential, expeditious, experienced, explanatory, exploratory, exponential, expressible, extravagant

12: earsplitting, electrifying, embarrassing, encyclopedic, enlightening, enterprising, entertaining, enthusiastic, eosinophilic, epigrammatic, epistolatory, etymological, evermounting, evolutionary, exasperating, excruciating, exhilarating, experiential, experimental, extramarital

13: electrostatic, emphysematous, environmental, extraordinary

14: ecclesiastical, expressionless

15: expressionistic

16: encephalographic, extraterrestrial





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