Adjectives that start with C to describe a person

List of C adjectives which could be used to describe someone:

Positive Personality or Character Traits

  • cheery
  • clever
  • classy
  • cool
  • courageous
  • cultured
  • cute

Negative Personality or Character Traits

  • cold
  • crabby
  • creepy
  • cruel
  • cynical

Physical Appearance or Look

  • curvy
  • cute

Physical State

  • cold

Mental / Emotional State

  • calm
  • crabby


  • cracking
  • croaky


  • cagey
  • calculating
  • chatty

Need to see more adjectives that start with C? We have a page listing lots of them (the “C” page in the menu). There may be additional C words there which could be used to describe a person.